Welcome Monolith of Minds

Monolith of Minds set out to craft video games, tell tall tales of stray heroes and kind monsters. Welcome to the gateway.



Resolutiion’s aftermath: within the unfolding chaos, the hybrid combat cyborg Roke awakens. He decides to retracing the steps of his father Valor, by cuting a bloody path through reality.

Resolutiion:Virus is our first, collaborative ebook with Brad Buckmaster. It’s violent, mad and a lot of fun.


Lilas Sky Ark

Lila’s Sky Ark

The sky island is under attack. Lila and her friends Mr. Kiepchen and Doctor-Father-Sir fight back with copper, bone and powerful alchemy against a fleet of deafening airships.

Resolutiion’s prequel story turned out to be a psychedelic action-adventure, without a sword but plenty of music an magic. Groovy!

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Stories from the Red Code

Stories from the Red Code

By 2080, the severe damage brought the survivors together. They did what we all do in times of desperation: sought a savior. A messiah. Someone to usher us into the land of promise; the land of milk, honey, psilocybin and unicorns.

This short story is the backbone of our universe; a rough outline of history and terminology.




An old killer escorts a curious AI into a fractured future of chaotic combat, puzzling secrets, and unsettling calm.

Five years in development, our debut game tells the story of Valor and Alibii’s journey through a 2D dreamworld of lovely pixels, dirty jokes and badassemotional tunes, inspired by classic Zelda and similar action-adventure-games.

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