The Shape of Things to come
Yes, this looks new — because it is. It has been a long time coming, but finally, our loose collective of people and ideas has evolved into something more refined: Monolith of Minds is the company that will publish Resolutiion later this year. To reflect these developments, we’ve redesigned our newsletter, logo and so much more … and you are the first to know.
In fact, you, our sweet, treasured subscribers, get plenty of fresh updates before anybody else, including candy for the eyes, colour for the soul and a paper crown for your noggin (paper noggin crowns are metaphysical). Here we go:
Marionette — Resolutiion’s Cover Art
For four years, I’d been afraid of that one day when we’d have to deliver the core artwork for our little game: too many ideas and big expectations, not to mention the plethora of influences and art styles that have made their way into the project. How could we distil all that into a single, graphical unicorn?
We managed a couple of brute force compositions during 2018, but all fell apart early on, none of them ever feeling quite right. Over time though, all of those attempts solidified ideas and burrowed themselves into our shared perception — Chris’ colours, Jo’s hunched Valor, and my obsession with shadows came together to form a grim version of Alice in Wonderland. This is Resolutiion’s cover:
Resolutiion’s Cover
Getting this piece of art done was crucial since Steam needs plenty of little graphics for the store page to be set up. Yes, that’s right: you can now head over to Resolutiion’s Coming Soon page on Steam, and add our arrogant little pixels to your wishlist. But don’t tell anybody, yet, except for the internet.
Official Teaser Sneak Preview
Another thing we had to put together for Steam was a gameplay video. While we are not yet confident enough to create a shiny trailer that reflects the final experience, we tried our hand at a short teaser: capture some lush pixels, cut it on a blasting beat, and slap the new logo on top. You can enjoy those 30 seconds at YouTube right now, but please make sure that you have turned the volume up!
Resoluttion Teaser on YouTube
All these new snippets of media tell a clear story: we are heading towards finalising Resolutiion and shipping it via Steam, sooner rather than later. The development process is progressing so well, that we now call the build “beta” (ready for testing) with a possible launch in late November.
If we don’t make this deadline, then … we …
Screw it! Let’s make this deadline! Help us out by wishlisting, sharing and talking about Resolutiion, or by giving us an electronic pat on the back. And please, be mad if we don’t ship a bug-free, flawless version of a Zelda-like! As two overwhelmed brothers creating their first video game — we deserve all your love and hate alike.
Achromatic — Free Ebook Download
Achromatic Ebook Download
As a last goody for you badass people, we have put together an exclusive art book for our subscribers: sixty-six sketches and concept pieces, charting the last four years of development, from back when the project was called “Red Wars” to today’s poster reveal. Download the “Achromatic” PDF here, and enjoy it on your original Gameboy in landscape mode.
Thanks a lot for tagging along.
Enough of the overwhelming news.
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