Nice Phrases
Did this bunny just jump off a cliff?
And why am I walking backwards?
Fixing bugs sounds like the most boring task ever.
And it is.
It really is.
Throughout September we’ve been neck-deep in beta-territory. That means play-testing the same scenarios over and over, optimising code and recolouring bullets. It also means we’ve been looking for fun things to procrastinate on, and we found that salvation in our late-game-content. Boy, we love our late-game-content. First, because late-game-content is such a nice phrase. Second, Resolutiion’s late-game-content is where optional side-quests and hidden material can take on a life of their own. This makes it the spiritual home of Resolutiion’s (most) esoteric shenanigans; with more yellow worms, talking ladybugs, and massive bosses than ever before.
Nice Tunnels
Resolutiion’s Cover
Every game with a decent realm to explore needs a fast-travel-system (also a pretty nice phrase), and for Resolutiion that’s the Tunnels. Here you will ride Bolshie the worm to every corner of the world … after he properly chews you up and digests you halfheartedly. It’s fast, it’s messy, and you’ll get spit out at your destination all before signing that music contract you’re chasing.
Nice Music Mastery
Less disgusting but equally subterranean, September saw Gerrit re-emerge from his basement after two months of mastering Resolutiion’s music. Since you’re wondering, “mastering” is the process of raising your magic sword above your head and making all the tracks sound equally fucking dope. We expect to be spearheading Steam’s “Great Soundtrack” list at launch — that’s how great the tracks sound already.
Some of the more disturbing titles include, “God Carries a Heavy Burden”; “Dance, Dance, Mr P”, “Ruins & Toys”, and the unforgettable “Strawberry”.
Music is always hard to describe, so take an ear-preview on Instagram and an eye-preview of the LP cover(s) right here:
Achromatic Ebook Download
Nice Details
You’ve made it through 309 words, so let’s close with some eye candy: Chris finished the final layers of detail on the Stadium, placing vending machines, posters and signage; while the Forest of Self received more, more, MORE greenery.
Achromatic Ebook Download
Nice Beta Testers
Now, if you read all those 353 words, you are probably as hardcore a Resolutiion fan as it gets. Would you like to become a beta tester?
We have a few Steam keys ready for you fine folks on the mailing list. Just write some words to the address below, and let us know your operating system and where you come from. And don’t be mad if you’re not a chosen one — or we’ll send our black-clawed killer your way!
Take care, lovely people, and keep away from dark basements and smiling mushrooms.
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Talk to us on Discord or write a mail to [email protected].