Kaleidoscopic Monochromaticity
We were warned. Years ago. “The last 10% of any video game project will feel as hard as the first 90% put together.”
We started Resolutiion in 2015 and will ship in early 2020, and we have now reached the legendary last 10%. Sure, our to-do lists have gotten longer, feedback comes in faster, and panic is swelling all around us. But there’s no more fighting over details, communication and workflows have been smoothed out, and we’re wrapping one milestone after another every week. The Monolith of Minds team has morphed into a megalithic machine, spitting out a constant stream of kaleidoscopic pixel-goodness.
Not hard at all.
Much harder, though, is writing about our progress at this stage without major spoilers. Feeding you meaningful updates about boss and mini-boss fights, cutscenes or the credits is the purpose of this newsletter, without ruining your soon-to-be feast on the game, right?
So how about we dial down the October’s previews to the 4-bit scale? How about we go from full-colour SNES to four shades of Gameboy green-black?
Resolutiion goes Gameboy
Monochromatic Generals
Barely two months ago, in newsletter 14 we introduced you to the Fallen King’s three Generals. They turned out to be a great example of the rate at which Resolutiion’s overall quality is progressing, as in the short time since their reveal, they’ve been polished with shiny new suits of armour and sparkling cloaks. Chris took on the task of elevating the Smith to the Mean Butcher, the cleric to the Mystic Monk and the Wizard to the … Wizard.
The three generals, redesigned
Monochromatic Kings
Another part of the Fallen King’s story arc is the Mutant King. This guy deviated from all established mechanics of our game and until recently, never felt right. Still, we liked the core idea of a 360° boss fight and were determined to get it right. So we started to tinker with its attacks, honing and refining them in subtle ways … as well as experimenting with adding massive, laser-shooting eyeballs.
The Mutant King boss fight
Everybody knows, the only thing better than explosions are laser-shooting eyes. The bigger, the better.
And fuck yeah, it totally worked.
Monochromatic Menus
With the hysteric laser-eye done and dusted, we had to turn our own human-eyeballs to a more boring and ungrateful field of game development: menus and interfaces. Done well, you’ll never notice them. Done bad, and you will hate the entire experience wholeheartedly.
Inspired by Gameboy-Resolutiion momentarily turning our beautiful world into a colourless explosion of greys this month, we decided to redesign the UI in black and white. This played nicely with our video-technology theme (RGB, anybody?), as well as drawing a clear line between the in-game-world and additional meta-layers, like dialogue boxes, hints and the map.
Some menus in black and white
It also removed the burden of balancing out even more colours … err, greys.
Enough Mono…
Honestly, we want to share more great news with you loyal subscribers —one thing, in particular, is pretty huge and has us very excited— but you are probably saturated with this achromatic update. We’ll keep the big headlines for the November newsletter.
Enjoy the patience, take care, and head over to our Instagram page for an overdue fix of kaleidoscopic polychromatism.
Resolutiion goes Gameboy
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