“Breathe. Keep breathing.”
We’re pushing buttons, refreshing pages, forwarding emails.
“There it is! I can see it.”
Requests are coming in, live streams are being broadcast. And we’re in the middle.
“Oh … it’s coming out … oh God … What is this!?”
Resolutiion’s launch week was pure unyielding chaos. It bombarded our emotional spectrums at both ends, with excitement, joy, stress, depression, and everything in-between. And boy, we loved it. Launching our first video game really was the once in a lifetime experience we were hoping for.
Way too many things happened throughout those first few days to be covered in this newsletter, but we’ve chosen some personal highlights to share with you:
Philmann had us on his play-through stream and cut it into some sweet highlight-videos.
– The Escapist hosted a fantastic Indie Showcase which included a few minutes of Resolutiion.
– LTDVM —a player on Steam— has already spent dozens of hours putting together a damn impressive Resolutiion wiki. Be prepared for spoilers.
JPEG contributed the first piece of fan-art to the Resolutiion community — the Fallen King in full narcissist mode:
Fallen King by JPEG
Can we ask for a review?
By now you might have spent some time in the Red Code with all the critters we crafted over the last five years … now, did you enjoy it?
If yes, we would love you to help us out with a short review on Steam — these things massively impact the game’s visibility and are crucial for the longterm success of any indie title:
Steam → Library → Resolutiion → “Write a Review”, in the right sidebar.
If no, please hit the forums and let us know what we can improve. All your early support is amazing, and we’re grateful for every bit of it.
Nintendo Switch Bug
Certainly, the most frustrating part about a game launch are bugs that dodge all testing efforts, and boy, Resolutiion had a nasty one slip through.
The Switch build shipped with a loading error upon entering the Hallow Valdez in the middle of the game, resulting in a few players not being able to reach the finale without major detours. The bug was reported and fixed within a day on Steam and GOG, but Nintendo processed the update with all the speed of their most famous villain: a turtle!
As of writing this newsletter four weeks after Resolutiion’s launch, we can report that the problem is now solved. But man, days never passed slower …
We’re very sorry for everybody that ran into this issue. Go now and blame the AIs: Alibii, Mr. Kiepchen, or both, are in charge of all things chaos.
Ambient & Assault Links
It’s been great to hear that people are really enjoying the synth beats of Resolutiion. Gerrit has distributed the soundtrack on various platforms, but we hear some of you are having trouble finding it … so here’s a consolidated list:
Both records
Gerrit’s homepageSteam

SpotifyNapsterApple MusicDezzerBandcampAmazon

SpotifyNapsterApple MusicDezzerBandcampAmazon
Soundtrack Covers
Red Plains Key Art
Since this newsletter is already filled with plenty of links, let us close with something pretty instead. Here is the artwork for “The Red Plains” update, which will be released sometime in August and include a new late-game level, more languages, and various improvements and bug-fixes.
The Red Plains Update Keyart
Okay, we lied …
… because here are the links to Resolutiion’s store pages, in case you dared not to BUY OUR GAME EVERYWHERE AND REPEATEDLY UNTIL THE END OF THE UNIVERSE!
Resolutiion on Steam
Resolutiion on GOG
Resolutiion on Nintendo Switch
Thank you ;-)
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