The Red Plains Update
Free stuff, people, come gather!
The “Red Plains Update” is out for you all to download and beat up space-men.
(Please note, that the update is only available through Stream and GoG for now, since Nintendo’s submission process takes a few more days.)
Here is the marketing-copy, to get extra excited or spoiled, if you read it too often:
The Red Plains Update
Behind the Red Mirror rules a Blue Queen
“Construction of the Red Code Mirror is in progress …
You must not compromise the memory buffers.”

Ascend into the Red Plains, where memories drift through fractured skies. The final journey of Valor and Alibii is nigh, and it will not end well for either. Don’t mind the dead astronauts along the way — they’re from the future.
Resolutiion’s first update features a new combat-heavy biome, expanding the lead-up to the finale. New enemies, friends, and a mysterious host will guide you through the Queen’s Gauntlet right into the Singularity.
  • The Red Plains: a fresh expansion of the finale
  • New enemies: v4l0r, VLR, //|_=|>, and the Sequels will challenge even the most seasoned killers
  • Boss improvements: various mini-bosses receive new attacks and abilities
  • Spanish translation
  • Polychromatic: the artbook with less black pages and more spoilers
  • New otherworldly metal-tracks
  • Plenty of bug fixes and improvements
  • The secret Cow Level
Yogscast Games TinyTeams
One of the more interesting online festivals of recent months is happening right now, and Resolutiion is part of it: the Yogscast TinyTeams Festival, only showcasing games developed by … well … tiny teams.
Yogscast TinyTeams
The event will be going on from August 9th to 15th on Steam and various streams, so hopp over and get inspired.
Monolith of Minds tell tall tales of stray heroes and kind monsters.
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