The Craftsman Update
Hey, digital dream-surfers.
Three months have passed since we last bothered you with our paperless news, and the next Resolutiion update is already out. Download it for free through Steam and GOG as usual, while having a little patience for our friends at Nintendo.
The Craftsman Update
Ah, the smell of fear, with a hint of despair
“I craft the finest emotions. Pain, anger, and the occasional sorrow. Welcome to The Workshop!”
Hidden in the Divided Sea is an abomination. Something so repulsive, you can’t keep away. In Resolutiion’s second content update, say hello to Rolav, the violence aficionado. This dark entity crafts custom weapon modifications for the sophisticated executioner, such as yourself.
Turn your shotgun into a powerful grenade launcher, or impale a line of enemies with the Delimiter’s energy spike! New weapon variations change Resolutiion’s combat dramatically and open up fresh and creative paths to unleashing destruction.
Make no mistake, though, Rolav’s services come at a price. And that price is facing your darkest shadow.
  • The Workshop, a new area in the Divided Sea
  • The Craftsman, a new optional mini-boss fight
  • Weapon variations for the Calmer (Sampler), Resolver (Delimiter) and Haven (Alliance)
  • The legendary Elevator Party
  • More guidance for the lost
  • Various bug fixes and polish
Stories from the Red Code
The extra nosy among you might have already stumbled upon our mothership: Monolith of Minds has a new website, seeing as we’re making a change from “the guys who made Resolutiion” to a small company with more than one game on its portfolio page.
While that page is a bit desolate for now, it hosts a potentially mind-blowing, reality-shifting, and time-bending tale for you to dig into. Stories from the Red Code is the entry-point to the little universe we have set out to build.
Stories from the Red Code
A short, 6:25 minutes, read that will give Resolutiion some closure, and properly set up the adventures to follow.
Around the web
As usual, let us sum up this month’s newsletter with some links to us adding our wisdom to the chaotic world of game development:
The German podcast DevPlay had us on for a few, short discussions. We talk about marketing, Twitch, communities, and other topics. Look out for the bearded guy with the stupid smile — that’s me.
DevPlay Talk
You know that we’re big open-source fans, right? Resolutiion’s engine, Godot, should have given you that hint... Anyway, Davies Media Design had us on for an interview, asking about our GIMP setup and how OSS impacted our development.
That’s enough links for this month. Hopefully, some of these announcements brought a little RGB light into your life, and we promise a few more before the craziest year in our young lives ends.
Be safe or YOLO, whichever suits you more.
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