Wake up, Lila
Hey there, fellow pixel-lovers. It’s been a while since we took the time to write up a proper newsletter. We’ll make up for it by announcing our new game. But wait, a quick reminder why you are here: this is “Views from the Monolith,” Monolith of Minds’ infrequent newsletter about indie games, DIY development, and stories from magenta cyberspace. Great to have you around.
Between November and February we brainstormed, planned, and prototyped a new game. Progress is fun and mad, and we finally want to shout its name out into the world: drum roll, blast beats, and Japanese percussion please:
Lilas Sky Ark Cover
Lila’s Sky Ark
“Lila and her friends — Mr. Kiepchen and Doctor-Father-Sir — wake up to find themselves facing a grim foe: The Conductor and his generals who have invaded the sky island to take all that is magical and musical. You must unite the spirits of the forest, the mountain, the sky, and the core to fight back! Defend your home with copper, bone, and alchemy against this fleet of deafening airships.”
Lila standing on the island
We’ve already put together a short Teaser Trailer on YouTube and launched the game’s website with more info, screenshots, and an ambitious roadmap. You should be able to play an Early Access version of Lila’s Sky Ark in late summer of 2021.
One of the most enjoyable parts of game development is the interaction with past and future players. That’s why this time we decided to build our game in the open, as transparent as possible. Therefore we set up a Discord server and you’re invited! Sure, there will be spoilers, but life’s always about the journey, right? RIGHT?
MoM on Discord
Come say, “Hi.”
Show your work.
Enjoy the progress or just lurk.
Make a Wish
With all the exciting links above, why are you still reading?
Well, then let us thank you for your patience and dismiss you with a final plea: like other indie devs, wishlisting on Steam is very important for any game’s ranking and recommendations. Therefore consider visiting Lila’s Steam Ark, and click the button that says “Buy Pizza” or “Start a War” or whatever you need to do to stay in the loop.
Wishlist Lilas Sky Ark on Steam
Thanks for reading.
See you on the island.
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