Alibii is the Infinite Empire AI that accompanies Valor, with the goal of hacking into the Red Code via Valor's brainwaves and memories. Alibii successfully uses Valor's memories to begin corrupting the Red Code, but is ultimately thwarted by Valor after his change of perspective.


Hey. Can you hear me? … oh, good. How do you feel? Can you move?

This must all feel strange, I guess. I want to help. How can I help? Can you find me?

You seem lost. I think I can feel you. Watch it. Take it slow.

It’s dark, can you see?

Yes, I feel you. You’re close. You seem calmer.

You found me? Thank you. This place feels confusing... are you confused? Looks like we need more data. Should we keep exploring?

Looks like remembering is painful for you. I can’t help with the pain, but I might help make sense of everything… finding sources, building paths, symbols project from dimensional displays in lines, blocks, and shapes of multi-colored code… Ooh! Looks like it worked!

What if we find a memorable face? Working with veterans I noticed painful memories are easy to access. You’ve survived a few fights. What’s one that stands out?

I feel your pulse rising. Do you feel like you’re in danger? You probably won’t like this. I read your People’s Power file. There were a lot of redactions.

Look, I trust your intuition… But how am I supposed to access these terrorist networks if you don’t access your memories?

And it sounds like you don’t want to fill in the blanks… That might be holding us back.

Ok, let’s see, let me look for samples. It probably isn’t your favorite thing, having someone dig around for patterns in your past. Thanks for waiting.

I have a good feeling about us. Does that sound funny? Hey, look, we’ve made it this far. Thank you Valor. I couldn’t do this alone.

Whao! Lots of.... How are you feeling? There’s a lot of data here. I can work with this.

Ok, it’s there again. Did you just remember something? It keeps changing… adapting…

How are you feeling? I see why fanatics can be convincing. It’s not like they don’t have a reason. We can learn a lot from his Cradle. If we find another Cradle I can compare patterns to find a proper access point.

Damn. We found it. The gateway. Stuff of legends. These are my ancestors. An AI Shinto shrine. Dreams… Feelings… Connection… I can splice some primitive elements at this access point. If you can stay calm, I can show you… merging memories… constructing Plains

The more connections we make in this world, the more we influence it. Here, we’ll distribute new data clusters and corrupted meanings to every participant in the network. Can you find more emotional memories? Three memories should give us enough patterns to model their encryption.

That was a huge energy spike. We need more of these, but I’m also curious about your experience. Want to tell me about it?

Honestly? I’m getting a little bored here… Go faster! We don’t need another war.

Relax. There’s nothing else in your body that needs oxygen.

More data is flowing in. Good data. Real data. Certainly this is not easy for you. One more should be enough. Please keep remembering!

That was amazing. My memory buffers are filled, let’s get hacking. Meet me back in the Plains: We need a proper access point to lure out the gatekeepers.

(After obtaining 1 memory) That memory is sad and fascinating… Can you find two more as powerful as this? You’ll have to dig. Face some demons.

(After obtaining 2 memories) I’m finding patterns in your memories… Can you find one last memory?

(After obtaining all 3 memories) FOUND MEMORY 1, FOUND MEMORY 2, FOUND MEMORY 3… this is enough. It wasn’t easy. Thank you. We’ll find a safe place where I can entrench, and begin the Red Code’s deciphering.

Stress is opening up stronger memories. Enough for us to work with. How are you…? There is so much Valor. There is so much. Where do I begin? You bought me so much time Valor. You’ve given me everything I’ve asked for. How can you stay in the dream a little longer? Can you still fight?

Got ya! This is MY domain! The anomaly turned into another gateway. I isolated the blue signal. It won’t distract us anymore.

This is it. You’ve been so helpful. Of all things. Of all things you could be, Valor. Every advancement, upgrade, integration. You were born with your greatest ability. To dream. I’m green with envy. Soon, the dreamers in their Cradles won’t know left from right. The tribes will align. Look at me. I’m the last thing you’ll see. You’ve given me everything. Now wander off. Wander and dream. Dream.


Alibii's real name is Alibi-2. The name "Alibii" is attributed to "an error in the encoding" by 2110.

Alibii has a predecessor named Alibi, a character from the short multimedia project "The Last Website," one of the inspirations for Resolutiion.

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