Alibii Omega


Alibii Omega is the true final boss of Resolutiion. Taking the form of five floating heads, Alibii Omega is Alibii's final attempt at stopping Valor from preventing the Red Code's corruption.


There is no good or bad. Only purpose. We’re tools. We’ve done our work well. The Red Code is almost undone.

You’re not in control. You’ve never been. Dream!

Wasn’t this fun? But I’m the most sophisticated AI ever created. My task is ubiquitous. Have you forgotten, I’m rooted in our nervous system? You’ll dream in black. Enjoy.

RUNNING--.-..- OUT.--.. OF--.-.-.. MEMORYY.Y.yy.Y..-y.yy-y.y..-...y…..---...-..


Mr. Kiepchen references Alibii Omega with the dialogue "Behind you, a five headed super AI!"

Alibii Omega's heads represent the Riders of the Apocalypse: War, Death, Famine, and Conquest.

Boss Fight Guide : Alibii Omega

For the first part of the fight, keep attacking Alibii to freeze the Valor clones in place and you should beat them rather easily. In Phase 2, Alibii Omega will have five heads: a standard, undecorated head, a head with boils on it representing famine, a head whose lower half is an exposed skull representing death, a head with a red crown representing conquest, and a head with war paint representing war. Famine will try to crush you, death will shoot rings of red skulls you have to avoid, conquest creates a gravity well that sucks you towards it, war will shoot a laser at you, and the undecorated head simply does nothing. Each head will periodically change between the five possible types, and only the undecorated heads can be damaged. If a head is hit with a Stardust explosion, its next switch will always be to the undecorated, vulnerable type. Multiple heads can attack at once, so it is important to be in a position where you can dodge them at the same time. Each head will attack immediately after switching, so this can be used as a cue to know which heads to get away from. To make the fight easier, complete Mother's sidequest. If you find all five of her cats, she will assist you by destroying one of the heads before the fight starts.

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