Blue is one of the 3 gods inhabiting the Red Code. Blue's realm is the Forest of Self, and while violence is forbidden in the forest, this rule evidently does not apply to its creator, as Blue attacks Valor almost immediately during their first meeting, assuring Valor that the Red Code will never compromised. Later, Valor meets Blue again in the Clearing Below and the two battle, with Valor emerging victorious. Blue, seemingly surprised by his loss, dissapears. After Valor has regained his memories and Alibii gets close to accessing the Red Code, Blue again tries to stop Valor, but when this is unsuccessful, he combines with Green to create the Cyan Archon. Much to Blue's dismay, this fight plays out similarly to the preceding one and he and Green are defeated. Later, when Valor realizes the mistakes he made and attempts to rectify them, Blue is willing to help if it means saving the Red Code.


So. Can there be a global empire built for prosperity and peace? An infinite empire? There’s something about you that I don’t understand. Did Green see it? Is that why you killed him in his sleep? Wake up, killer, wake up! The Red-Code alone is infinite. This is our place, and we will protect it.

It's clear you're not the danger here. You're a host... with a parasite. A distraction. Would it make any difference, if I pulled your plug?

... You should not be able to process this fast...

You two have become stronger. A powerful symbiosis. I can’t fight the parasite, but the host is vulnerable. Wake up. This is my domain.

Red… I failed…

The enemy of my enemy is my frenemy, right? You deserve what’s coming, but before this is over, we’ll help you one more time.


Sleep now, friend.


Blue represents blue in the RGB color model, and together with Red and Green represents the pixels on a screen, the number of which determines the resolution. This is one component of the meaning of the game's title, "Resolutiion."

Boss Fight Guide: Blue

Blue can melee attack, spawn demons named Ed, and shoot projectiles out in front of him. When damaged, he also has a chance of teleporting away. When he shoots the red projectiles, avoid them and then deal damage.

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