Cloud City

Cloud City


"In the days after the war, the newly established government and its bureaucrats tried to escape the scorched earth. They raised their towers higher and higher, eventually lifting them completely off the ground. While early prototypes crashed back to the ground, technologies evolved and more habitats were lifted into the sky. Smaller isles of building float around The Core: a tall structure, distributing resources that are supplied from the ground. The Cloud Cities form the economic capitals of the Infinite Empire. They are home to the privileged and the People’s Power, who enforce the law in each respective district."

Cloud City is a series of magnetically levitated structures, weighing in excess of 200,000 tons, created by the Infinite Empire in a bid to escape Earth. Although only one city is seen ingame, an unknown number of other Cloud Cities presumably exist throughout the world as well. The Cities are composed of two main levels: the central, upper levels that house the technocrats, and the outer, lower levels where the workers live, as well as where deliveries, manufacturing, refining, and waste disposal take place. A significant majority of these lower levels are dedicated to the refinement of link fluid in order to sate the elites on the upper floors, as evidenced by the countless crates and barrels filled with the red liquid, as well as the long stretches of piping. The lower floors are occupied mainly by robots, although the security guards and dock workers are at least partially human.





Content from Cloud City that did not make it into the final game includes fire weapons, a turret enemy called Sullu, and a blob boss.