The Conspirathree are three old men who claim to control the world. Upon being given 33 iec, they will tell Valor about a valuable item they possess and where to can find it. Upon entering the location and discovering that it's a dead end, Valor returns to find that the Conspirathree member has disappeared. After being tricked by each member, Valor is granted access to the Conspirathree's secret hideout, where he obtains the Neper ability.


Conspirator 1: Hey there. May I say that you look fantastic, today? Listen: I’ve mastered invisibility. Really! Become invisible. I can teach you for the cheap price of 33 iec.

Conspirator 1: (After paying 33 iec) Very well. Nice doing business with you. Head down the well here to get started. I’m right behind you.

Conspirator 2: The fresh air here is invigorating, right, dear -cough- Sir -cough- madam, right, -cough- -cough-? In case you’re wondering: my friend here and I are protecting a very valuable -cough- secret -cough-. Since it’s such a nice day, -cough- we would gladly share it with you. It’s 33 iec to peek around the corner, but you won’t regret it. We promise -cough- -cough-.

Conspirator 2: (After paying 33 iec) Farewell stupid -cough- fish. Please move along to the right, dear customer. We want to satisfy your curiousity. Go ahead, -cough- go ahead.

Conspirator 3: No offense my friend, but you look like you got roughed up by some punks? That armor and weaponry of yours seem a bit outdated for such an area, don’t you think? You look like you’re looking for a dealer in fine augs and arms -- For 33 iec I’m your guy!

Conspirator 3: (After paying 33 iec) Splendid! The super-gun is in the back. Yeah, the back back. Pick yourself a custom handle and color. I’ll make sure no punks jump us.

Conspirator 1: Left, right. Black, white. The Empire fighting Tribes is just a distraction for the masses. We are the conspirathree. We rule this world. Wanna join the club?

Conspirator 2: Seduction, concealment and deception. You have mastered them all. Remember: It’s dangerous to rely on other people: Take this!

Conspirator 3: Living in such a messy cave sucks. Hazard of the occupation. Messy caves.


The Conspirathree are a reference to the unnamed old man who gives Link a sword in The Legend of Zelda.

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