Cyan Archon


The Cyan Archon is the "final boss" of Resolutiion, formed when Blue and Green merge together in a last ditch effort to stop Valor and Alibii from accessing the Red Code.


Cyan Archon is modeled after Indian gods.

The name "Cyan Archon" is a play on words, with the boss being a combination of the characters Blue and Green, while the color cyan is a combination of the colors blue and green.

Boss Fight Guide: Cyan Archon

Being the "final boss" of Resolutiion, Cyan Archon is fast, has significantly more health than most other bosses, and has a variety of attacks. Cyan Archon's main attacks are generating a staggered set of lasers near his position, and moving to the top left of the screen before shooting waves of eye-like projectiles. He can also place pillars down, which are useful for blocking his projectiles, however 3 pillars stacked on top of each other results in a "mega attack" that cannot be avoided and deals significant damage. To prevent this, start destroying the pillars once they start getting stacked. Standard brown pillars can be destroyed with regular damage, pillars with blue tears can be destroyed with Stardust, and pillars with yellow eyes can be destroyed with Marty's Boot. Melee attacks work well when the boss is in reach, and the Calmer works well if he floats off the edge of the arena.

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