Desert of Giants

Desert of Giants


"Warfare on a global scale knew no boundaries. As long as nobody pushed the red button, every destructive force to harm population, infrastructure and economy would be unleashed. Military anarchy. Massive artificial dams were deployed, draining complete regions of water and flooding others alike. The local flora and fauna had no time to adapt. Ecosystems became unstable and one catastrophe followed the next until the only thing left were barren deserts and toxic seas. Habitats turned to graves. Humanity had poisoned their climate and eradicated their soil. But reaching for the next level of civilization kept pushing the survivors onward. Leaving the ground behind and reaching for the sky seemed like the natural evolution, as the first towers of the cloud cities lifted off."

Named after the petrified giants littering the sands, the Desert of Giants is an area that was drained of all water as a result of the dams deployed in the War of The Five, and is now almost completely controlled by the Freemen. The Desert of Giants serves as Resolutiion's hub area, connecting Cloud City, the Forest of Self, the Divided Sea, and the Fallen City together.





The statues littering the desert are freemen that can be revived with the Transient Heart.