Divided Sea

Divided Sea


"As the planners, regulators and technologists of humanity built their new homes in the sky, the farmers and builders on the ground were left with nothing but dying soil and toxic water. Accepting the challenge, they slowly reclaimed the rivers and underwater farms, filtering, recycling and rebuilding the wasteland. The residents of Cloud City needed the natural resources this land provided. In return, they offered logistics and heavy machinery, and the proletariat took any help they could get. Autonomous submarines and mobile purification plants roamed the shores, and with them came the autocrats: independent administrators of energy, consumption and shares. As the ecosystem stabilised, corruption took over. The machines obeyed their masters. Violence, tax increases and distribution of property emerged, thinning the line between cooperation and slavery. And once again the farmers revolted against their robot overlords, with forks and stones on the shaky ground of the oceans."

The Divided Sea is the region opposite the Desert of Giants, seperated by the dam deployed during the war. Presumably due to the flooding caused by the dam, the area is filled with drowned corpses from the war. The Divided Sea gets its name from the the two groups at odds who inhabit it: Noah and his family, formerly of the Infinite Empire, and the farmers who were exploited by the Empire.





Near Solace and Doughty, there is a fish that will periodically jump out the water. Shooting this fish will give you the "Straight Shooter" achievement.