Fallen City

Fallen City


"10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, three, two, one, lift-off. The early sky-habitat launches were celebrated like space excursions of the past. But 200,000 plus tons of metal, concrete and fuel were prone to technical failure and many of the structures came crashing back to earth with the force of slow, stupid, asteroids, grinding cities, trees and flesh to dust. But there was no alternative. We didn’t give up. We got better. The next buildings were lighter and technologically smarter. We locked them to tremendous, magnetic pillars, where they circled around, moving up and down like elevators. The Cloud Cities became the marvel of human aspiration. Space, though, was limited. Quickly the quarters, suites, storage and hubs were occupied by the wealthy and powerful. As the floating cities rose higher and higher, those who could not keep up were left behind on the ground, where they dwelt in the abandoned remains, scavenging the Fallen Cities."

The Fallen City represents the Empire's initial attempts to create a Cloud City. Many early versions of the floating structures fell back to earth and their sheer weight crushed anything on the ground below, leaving behind ruins. These ruins became home to outcasts and scavengers, notably Varty, the Fallen King, and his followers. As a result of Valor's influence within the Red Code, the Fallen City became infested with corrupted flesh and gore, a manifestation of Valor's nightmares about his brother's drug addiction.




Many different toys and miscellaneous objects can be found in the Fallen City, such as NES controllers, legos, and paper airplanes.