Flesh Giant


The Flesh Giant is another form of Varty, a giant living in the Sea of Flesh. The Flesh Giant is a product of the corruption that plagues the Fallen City, which in turn is a product of Valor's nightmares. The giant is a big fan of role-playing, and guards the Holy Paper while speaking to Valor with D&D-style vocabulary.


Good evening, fellow Wanderer. Sit by the fire, grab a drink. The story is prepared. We’ll make a great team.

So, who do you want to be? What role do you play, today? I could never decide myself. Lucky me, to run the show this time.

Charisma and attractiveness work nice to convince people. But you’re more of the power-player, right?

I suggest putting some points into Faith. It’s a great attribute, if force fails. But it only works with the heart-upgrade.

Weapons are great for survival. Be warned, though: Fight too much, and you become a weapon yourself, never to stop the killing.

Pick a D12 and a D6. Let’s figure out your stamina.

Ah yes. Blizzard, Fire, Thunder. Spells are fun. But trust me: real magic only happens in love.

Alright, here’s what we got: You are a monster. You can spit death and destruction over enemies and friends, alike. You are mad and furious. Only held back by the leash of your master, that keeps you from total self-destruction. That character’s certainly easy to play. Only one more thing to do: you have to pick a name.

I’m so excited now. It has been a long time, since we played. Here is your character-sheet. Now. Our story begins at The Stadium...

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