Forest of Self

Forest of Self


"Survival is a sophisticated network of dependencies. Flowers bloom and bees distribute the pollen, fertilized seeds are carried away by the wind. Flora expand into a diverse hierarchy, shading, defending and supporting each other. Life withers, rots, turns to mulch for the next generation. A broken circle, twisting old into new. When the forests fell, we still thought that we could fix everything. We built robotic insects that fertilized our plants, we controlled climate-zones for optimal conditions, we modified plant genes to resist plague and flourish despite the barren soil. For every defect, we invented an artificial solution. But our ecosystem degenerated too quickly. We fell behind, decade after decade until the question of our survival loomed tenaciously before us. Had we come to a threshold? Was this the inevitable end of life and nature as we knew it? Or, could we transcend the earth that had betrayed us, could we spite the nature that failed to adapt to us?"

The Forest of Self is Blue's realm within the Red Code. The Forest is inhabited by a host of wildlife, and violence is forbidden, although Blue himself does not always abide by this rule. The Forest is also the avenue through which Valor enters the Red Code after replacing Green as one of the dreamers.





Originally, the forest was planned to have enemies called Corruption Machines that polluted the soil and chopped down trees, but they were scrapped.

The Forest of Self was designed around Valor's body. The entrance to the Plains is Valor's head, his heart blocks the entrance to Heart Cave, and portions of his hands can be seen in the beginning area.

Within the Dark Forest is a table with a rainbow table cloth. This is a reference to rainbow tables, which are precomputed tables used for cracking password hashes.

In the Descent, aliens from Space Invaders can be seen floating in the background.