Forest of Self Wildlife


The Forest of Self is inhabited by a multitude of strange wildlife, including cyclops-rabbits, not-deer, and richnoceros. The creatures in the forest that will talk to you speak in a rather disjointed fashion, immediately following lectures about the nature of imperialism with random personal information.


Sam: All Empires start small: two bunnies, united by a common language, a common religion, currency, enemy… become four bunnies, become eight bunnies. I had a big family. They said danger was coming and ran. I hop towards danger.

Wes: While expanding their borders with war, the empire needs to stabilize its core by controlling the belief system and culture. I had a dream of fields filled with blood.

Zoe: An authority will emerge, promising prosperity. Demand rises for more resources, more territory. More carrots for all! Mind you, I heard through the grapevine there’s a madman in the forest.

Laz: Over generations authorities lose their purpose and become corrupt. Decadence, poverty, envy, violence all shatter the empire from within. Hahahaha, I’m so cute.

Jan: Infinite growth is not possible in a closed system. Civil unrest, war, and death are inevitable. The end of an empire is the beginning of another. Religion, tradition, and promise rise from the scorched earth. Check out my fancy horns!

Mia: I think this elevator takes us to the next life… Butcha know what? I forgot my shoes!

Mushroom King: Nature is life and death. It is tooth and claw. She doesn’t need you. She is you and everything you are not.


Using Marty's Boot on cyclops-rabbits and not-deer will approximately double them in size.

Cyclops-rabbits can be randomly found inside of breakable crates throughout the game.

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