Freemen are members of the Tribes and defenders of the Cradles. Valor first meets them in the Desert of Giants on his mission to gain access to a Cradle. Many Freemen soldiers, as well as the Cradle Watcher, attempt to stop Valor but are killed. Valor also meets a Freemen escapee in Cloud City, who gives him the code to free Lelele and Chuchu, two of Cloud City's prisoners.


Escapee: Seven corpses, one knife and no mercy for my captors. Thanks, destiny.

Conciliatory Freemen: There’s this thin line running through our species, and each side of it wants to be the better half. The right one. The one that defines where we’re heading. Maybe there’s more than one way… and maybe we don’t have the strength to walk them all.

Monochromatic Boy: Here’s the clue. Palm trees.. And 8. Got it?

SJW: Thanks for wearing a mask.


When Freemen die they turn to stone, and can be revived with the Transient Heart.

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