Full Story Walkthrough

Phase 1


Resolutiion takes place in 2110, in a world ravaged by war and pollution, amidst an ongoing conflict between two factions known as the Infinite Empire and the Tribes. Before the events of Resolutiion, a brutal, 45 year war (2035-2080) known as "The War of the Five" took place, and in its wake rose a world government called the Infinite Empire. With the discovery of a mutagenic liquid known as link fluid, wealthy members of the Empire used a refined version of the fluid to greatly enhance their primitive prostheses, achieving technological Elysium and abandoning those incapable of keeping up with the explosive increase in technological advancement. While the Empire raised their cities into the clouds to escape the earth that had nothing left to offer, the rest of humanity remained on the ground and, in defiance of the technology far out of their reach, turned to spirituality and harmony with nature, forming the Tribes. Searching for hope and purpose, many tribes turned to worship of the Cradles: hidden, megalithic pods built before the war that not only confer immortality to the person sleeping inside, but connect them to a metaphysical realm known as the Red Code, a dream-like universe allowing the select few within to explore infinite possibilities and ideas, including those that are antithetical to the Infinite Empire's narrative. The Empire has designated the Cradles and anything to do with them as terrorist activity, while the Tribes have formed a religion around the Red Code and the entities inside, guarding them with their lives. Resolutiion is played through the lens of Valor, an Infinite Empire assassin with the goal of breaking through the Tribes' defenses, accessing the Red Code, and corrupting it from within.

Fading Playground

The game begins with you, Valor, and two other children, Varty, your brother, and Marty, his lover, playing soccer/football. While Varty and Marty continue to play, you leave the playground and notice a blue girl on a bridge. Following her, you approach a strange network of red lines on the ground, and the screen flashes white before fading to black.


Sometime after the events on the playground, you began to train for a position in the People's Power, the Infinite Empire's Militia, while your Brother wanted to stay with Marty and follow his own path. Due to Marty expressing a desire to find a Cradle, and due to your jealousy of how much attention Varty was giving Marty rather than you, you cut the "corruption" from your brother and, using your authority as a member of the People's Power, dragged Marty away and imprisoned her within the lowest sections of one of the link fluid excavation sites.

Cloud City

The game truly begins with a memory of Valor's excursion into the west, searching for a Cradle. An unknown voice begins talking to you, asking if you can move. You wake up in the outskirts of Cloud City, a network of floating structures housing the wealthy elite. Navigating between drones, crates, and barrels of enriched link fluid, you find Alibii, a top of the line Infinite Empire AI that will accompany you through the game. With Alibii assisting you, you continue through the rest of the outskirts, fighting waves of hostile security forces and workers. Picking up the Calmer, a spread shotgun, you continue on to a small platform. Once you enter, the stairs behind you are blocked, and a People's Power commander named Halo appears through a portal. After you defeat Halo, you go inside and find a scarf that, when worn, injects chemicals into your neck to increase your speed. Entering the elevator in front of you, you descend to the desert.

Desert of Giants

Leaving the elevator, you enter the library and meet the witnesses and preservers, those who are wired into the Empire's databases and control the flow of information. The preserver on the bottom floor informs you of the western resistance groups and tells you to continue assisting Alibii. Exiting the Library, you head west into the desert. Fighting through Freemen, you reach a cave and meet Green, a leader of the tribes and one of the entities sleeping in the Cradles. You come to an arena and meet the Cradle Watcher, who is awakened by Green and attacks you. After the Watcher is killed and turns to stone, you reach Green's Cradle, ripping him out of the tank and killing him. You then insert yourself into the Cradle and replace Green as one of the dreamers. Entering the Forest of Self marks the transition from Valor's memory to his dreams.

Forest of Self

Continuing on, you reach the forest and, during the ascent, meet Blue. In contrast to Green, Blue is aggressive and threatens you, assuring that you will never destroy the Red Code. Reaching the summit of the forest, you enter the black structure and find another Cradle. Using the Cradle as an access point, Alibii transports you to the Plains, her home within the Red Code, where you obtain the Chromatic Aberration ability, the ability to see the world through a different lens, unlocking pathways you couldn't traverse before. On your way out, Alibii tells you that to hack the Red Code, she needs 3 strong memories. Embarking on your new journey, you notice Marty, the girl with yellow hair, running out of the forest.

Phase 2

Phantom Pit

Following her, you reach the Phantom Pit, where labor monks, or Bhikshus, followers of the Infinite Empire's official religion, atone for their sins by excavating link fluid. Descending to the bottom of the pit where the monastery resides, you talk to the Arhat, who tells you that the mine entrance has been blocked off and will need to be cleared with explosives. You head through the tunnel near the monastery and reach the second pit, and as you begin to ascend the quarry, Bolshie the worm begins chasing after you. Evading him, you find the Stardust ability, nanobots that can dissolve matter. Returning to the monastery and using Stardust to dissolve the rocks barricading the mine entrance, you use the elevator and descend into the mine.

Mechanical Mine

The Bhikshu near the entrance informs you that the lower section of the mine is flooded, so you activate 3 pumps to drain the lower section, killing a large banana in the process. Using the ladder to reach the lower section you meet Marty, who challenges you to take her "last light." As soon as you attack Marty, Bolshie begins chasing you. Their alliance is no match for you, however, and you defeat Marty, triggering the first memory and reminiscing about a conversation with your mother, telling you to make your family proud. Using the elevator in the arena, you return to the cave in the Desert of Giants and make your way south to The Dam.

Divided Sea

Crossing through the Dam, you reach the Divided Sea and find a half submerged tanker in the water on the eastern side of the area. Not able to scale the side of tanker, you head south to the Ark and meet Noah and his family. Noah admonishes you for your previous betrayal and tells you he found Marty's boot, filled with link fluid, in the mines. Returning to the tanker, you use Marty's boot to reach the deck of the tanker and head inside. You make your way through the ship and exit through the bottom floor to find that you and the tanker are on the back of a whale named God.

Sunken City

You climb down and reach the Sunken City, navigating your way through the maze of cliffs and talking to crabs and jellyfish, until you reach God. Fighting and defeating him triggers the second memory, reigniting your pride and remembrance of your devotion to the Infinite Empire. Leaving the Sunken City, you travel through the Divided Sea and the eastern hub of the Desert of Giants to reach the Fallen City.

Fallen City

As you travel through the Fallen City, the Herald, a toy robot riding a camel, tells you the story of Valor, Varty, and Marty. You reach the outside of The Stadium and meet the King's minions, who tell you about the corruption that has taken over the kingdom, and that the king is missing. The massive doors of the Stadium open as you approach, and you head inside only to find that the stairs are blocked.

Sea of Flesh

Continuing on into the Sea of Flesh, you meet a giant who communicates with you through a series of signs, 3 of which are protected by the King's generals, Clerik, Smith, and Wizard. Once you defeat them and read the signs, the mass of flesh in the center of the area creates a staircase, granting you access to the area below. Descending, you meet the Flesh Giant, the one who has been talking to you. Opening his mouth, he grants you access to the Farewell Note, known as the holy paper to the giant and the King's minions, allowing you to transform into Bolshie, and using this newfound power you find an alternate entrance into the stadium.

The Stadium

Inside the stadium, you meet Varty, The Fallen King and your brother, who tells you to follow him to his throne where the heart of the corruption resides. After reaching the throne, the King reveals that he didn't lead you here to banish the corruption, but rather he wants revenge. When you attack him, he explodes into a shower of gore and is absorbed into the walls of flesh surrounding you, starting the fight with the Mutant King. After destroying 3 hearts, the King is defeated, triggering the final strong memory, one in which you remember those who were envious of your new augmentions. Alibii tells you that she has all the data she needs and to get back to the Plains.

The Plains

Back in the Plains, the 3 memories create bridges leading to the center of the area, and using them you reach the Queen's Chamber. As Alibii begins hacking the Red Code, you begin to leave but the stairs are suddenly blocked and Blue appears behind you. Knowing he can't attack Alibii, he targets you instead, and the second fight with Blue begins. When you defeat him as you did before, Green appears this time, asking Blue not to fight you alone, and the two merge together, creating the Cyan Archon. Using their combined power, they put up one last fight to stop you and Alibii. Despite their best efforts, the Cyan Archon is defeated, and Alibii gets rid of Blue once and for all. Alibii thanks you for everything you've done, and knowing that you succeeded in your mission, you happily go to sleep.

Phase 3

When you wake up and leave the Plains, you meet Red, another one of the entities in the Cradles, in the forest and talk to her. Continuing deeper into the forest, you reach a large beating heart, and as you approach it, Red appears again and rips it in half, granting you access to the cave it previously blocked. Inside you find the Transient Heart, an artificial heart that can resurrect anyone you've killed. You return to Green's Cradle, and using your new power you talk to him once again. After giving you a cryptic speech, you are tasked with returning to the 3 sites at which you retrieved your strong memories and reconciling with your enemies. You return to Marty and give her light and warmth, triggering a memory of the cruelty of your father. You return to God and destroy the 6 anchors entangling him, triggering a memory of how many innocent people you killed as part of the People's Power. You return to Varty and solve a chess-related puzzle, triggering a memory of your girlfriend/wife disgusted at the augmentation of your arm. With your previous perception of the Empire shattered, you return to the Plains and, using the Vile Ritual, travel to the other side to challenge your former companion, Alibii.

The Red Plains

As you make your way through the Red Plains, you meet child versions of yourself, Varty, and Marty, each representing a certain year in Resolutiion's timeline, ranging from 50 years ago, midway through the Great War, to the present day. Alibii attempts to impede your progress, but you eventually reach the base of the monolith Alibii resides on. Before you continue, she tells you that your consciousness is about to enter your consciousness: the singularity. Entering the singularity, you scale the steps up to Alibii and confront her. After a lengthy battle, you defeat Alibii Omega and rip her out of your nervous system, not only destroying Alibii but killing you in the process. As you die, Red, Green, and Blue appear again and thank you for trading your life for the Red Code.