God is a whale inhabiting the Sunken City with a large tanker chained to his back. When Noah, Valor's instructor and Marty's father, was betrayed by Valor, he left his old life and the Empire behind to search for a new faith. Unaware of what exactly happened to Noah, Valor's interpretation of the information he did know was generated within the Red Code as a Divided Sea, a whale named God, and other biblical characters. Initially God is hostile towards Valor, but when Valor destroys the six anchors entangling him, his attitude changes. God is one of three sources of strong memories.


I’d love to sweep the world with another flood. But you didn’t learn from the last one, mmh? Even if I did, how would it reach the damn cloud cities? Look: I didn’t test Abraham’s faith by murder… Abraham tested me. He wanted to see if I’d keep harm from Isaac. Who’s your God?

So, a sacrifice… You lay your own flesh on the altar of loyalty… Then your God is Hate.

(After completing God's puzzle) No sacrifice. No failure, but a third way.


Originally, God's name was "Whale," followed by "Father," before eventually becoming "God" as the Sunken City took on more religious themes.

Boss Fight Guide

The goal of the fight is to hit God's nose until he sneezes part of his dead eye out, then destroy it. When God opens his mouth wide, move to the upper right or left of the arena and rhythmically move up and down to avoid the pufferfish, and employ a similar strategy for the other version of the pufferfish attack, where he opens his mouth slightly, but in the lower center of the arena. God will also spawn waves that fall from the top of the screen after each eye is destroyed, so move to the edge of the arena to avoid taking damage. How many eyes you need to destroy to finish the fight is dependent on how many power upgrades you have. 8 are required with 0 power upgrades, 4 are required with 1 and 2 upgrades, and 3 are required with 3 upgrades.

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