Green is one of the 3 gods inhabiting the Red Code. Based on buddhist monks, he maintains a calm posture and does not attack, despite the threat Valor poses. When Valor battles his way through the Freemen in the Desert of Giants to reach Green's Cradle, Green confronts Valor and attempts to stop his advance, first with words and then with the Cradle Watcher, his last line of defense. Ultimately, Valor defeats all of the Freemen's defenses, including the Cradle Watcher, and rips Green out of his Cradle, killing him. Despite his death, Green reappears several more times within the Red Code, again trying to impede Valor without resorting to violence, but forgoes this principle when Blue is defeated and the Red Code is in imminent danger. Combining with Blue to create the Cyan Archon, Green attempts to forcefully prevent Valor's progress, but is again unsuccessful as Valor defeats the Archon and Alibii begins hacking the Red Code. Later, when Valor realizes the mistakes he made and attempts to rectify them, Green is willing to help if it means saving the Red Code.


I wonder: If you are a puppet - And I am merely your reflection - Whose fear are we facing? Whose fear would you bring into cradle?

Your path has led you here. But who is your guide? Once, on the path, I watched a young warrior bow to Fear and ask: how may I defeat you? Fear replied: my weapons are that I talk fast, get very close to your face, and you obey...

...If you do not obey, I have no power… You can be convinced. You can believe. But you don’t have to obey.

I see you keep pushing forward, brother. Or are you pulled? A good question for a marionette.

Our network grows underground like a fungus: an infernal machine. When it reaches the surface it will erupt, drowning the old world in a cloud of life and possibility.

Walk. Fight. Walk. Fight. Machines are made for this kind of repetition. Order everything, and everything becomes ordered. Evolution ends. Entropy begins. The infinite machine cannot conquer chaos. You know that.

Mankind is suffering. Suffering so long they can’t feel. Not anymore. To exist in hierarchies so delicately ordered they have become numb. Machines. If you had suffered so long, you had forgotten how to feel… how would you know?

Do you remember what happened to the original internet? It got all bugged up by people who try to order everything. Now this space, this realm was built by your dreams. And the dreams of many others. Ideas mingle, visions emerge. Beyond reach of the Infinite Empire’s autocrats. The Red Code is a place for infinite experiments and simulations. Infinite possibilities. You can feel and experience it. But your master can not. Take back control.

Blue… Don’t do this alone. Let me help.

Soldier. Friend. Brother. The ghosts of your past are haunting you. They demand you see the bigger picture, a higher resolution. The dreamers in the Cradles need to dream on, but you need to wake up. Wake up and walk away.

Feeling. Yes. Now you decided to take back control? Don't walk away then. Trace back your steps. Find where the end of everything started. Find the place, where you killed me.

(After reviving with Transient Heart) I see. The end of everything needs forgiveness. This is my Cradle. This is where you ripped me from the tank and broke my body on the floor. This is also your Cradle. This is where you will be a slave, forever, or break free and share my fate. Choose a last time.

You followed the thread back to the fingers. Every man pays his price.


Your life for the Red Code. Purpose? Fanaticism?


Green represents green in the RGB color model, and together with Red and Blue represents the pixels on a screen, the number of which determines the resolution. This is one component of the meaning of the game's title, "Resolutiion."

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