The King's Generals


Wizard, Smith, and Clerik are The Fallen King's generals. Searching for a cure to the Fallen City's corruption, they traveled to the Sea of Flesh and inadvertently became corrupted themselves. When Valor comes to the Sea of Flesh to search for the Holy Paper, they attempt to stop him.


Clerik: The Black Knight returns in this time of despair. I shall banish thee. Holy Light against your Demon Within. Two D6.

Clerik: That was fun… but, oh this sacrilege! Our noble quest has been futile. You meant well, child. But thou shalt repent. Kneel.

Smith: Fire and Steel. Blood and Bone. Hammer and Anvil. Lame cliches and cheap game titles. Violence and Death!

Smith: Who… where? Alright. I need to make some weapons now. Roll the dice and give me a hand with this anvil behind you, will ya.

Wizard: Are you lost? Thinking about a line or two to introduce the villain? How about: For magic. You monster.

Wizard: Puh… haha… wait, my mind is clearing. The stars, these constellations. I’ll mark it on your map. We shall find our way back. Now look, look above!


All 3 generals have Varty's face, suggesting they are simply another one of Varty's forms like the Flesh Giant.

Boss Fight Guide: Wizard

Wizard is a boss who doesn't use any melee attacks, preferring to keep at a distance and use ranged weaponry, turning into a griffin and flying to a different part of the arena after taking damage. Avoid Wizard's bullets, either by giving them a wide berth in the case of projectiles that spiral outward as they approach you, or run in a circle in the case of projectiles in a 'tornado' pattern. When he begins spawning the balloon enemies, either take the time to destroy them, or, if you're confident you can avoid them, just ignore them. They bounce around the arena in a predictable way, but can make it difficult to avoid Wizard's other attacks. When the boss turns into a Griffin, chase after him if you can, and hit him when he turns back. If done correctly, you can defeat Wizard without ever giving him a chance to attack.

Boss Fight Guide: Smith

In contrast to Wizard, Smith's attacks are mainly focused on melee. When you aren't close to him, he'll typically slam the ground, creating a shockwave, followed by 4 smaller shockwaves that propagate in the same direction as the original slam. When you are close to him, he'll create 4 shockwaves in a ring around him in order to keep you away. Smith will also periodically turn temporarily invulnerable and call down canisters of pressurized link fluid from the sky. Walking is quick enough to avoid these canisters, so no need to screentear. He can also drain your stamina, although this attack is relatively uncommon. The easiest way to defeat Smith is to bait the ring shockwave attack, dash in quickly, hit him, and get away before he uses the attack again, then repeat until the fight is over.

Boss Fight Guide: Clerik

Fight Clerik like you would any slinger monk, however be aware that he deals a large amount of damage with his normal melee attack. He will also create flesh pods that deal significant damage as well, and use the spinning attack that slinger Monks use. If needed, use the masses of flesh for cover.

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