The King's Minions


The King's Minions are small creatures made of yellow paper. They act as the citizens of Varty's Kingdom.


Sir Bors: You’ve found our kingdom in great hardship. Obviously. A corruption took hold and forced us into exile.

Sir Lamoak: Few made it out of the castle in time. Even our King is still trapped within. Please, help us.

Sir Kay: The King’s generals headed out, searching for a cure to the curse. To the north, there is a bridge. Follow it into the Sea of Flesh.

Sir Gareth: The city has fallen. Quite fitting, don’t you think?

Sir Galahad: Curse the flesh, praise the machine. Oh help us now, almighty paper.

Sir Bedivere: Have you seen my children? They might be small to you, yellow, just a pixel or two?

Sir Gaheris: X never, ever marks the spot!

Sir Gaheris: The holy grail will bring salvation, right? But where can it be found? Where’s Indie when you need him?

Sir Gerint: We arrived with the king’s generals to search for the holy grail. But they may have become corrupted by the flesh. I dare not follow and share the fortune of my brothers.

Sir Gerint: I must be dreaming… The King just passed by in a hurry. How do I know what’s real and what is not? Shouldn’t you be able to tell?

Sir Percival: Hearken, noble folk of the dry lands, hearken to me! A tragedy: The King has vanished. The King is missing. Our lands forsaken. We hereby call on brave warriors in search of a quest: Find and return our King safely, and thy reward shall be generous.

Sir Percival: Harken, harken noble bystanders. The tragedy turned catastrophe. The King is alive, but thy thro… cough… oh… cough… Darn!... cough… this swollen gibberish hurts… cough… my throat. Who wrote this malice for terti… cough… ary characters?


The King's Minions act identically to the Cloud City/flesh pods when attacked.

All of the King's Minions are named after knights of the round table from Arthurian legend.

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