Lelele and Chuchu


Lelele is a woman in white clothing and Chuchu is a strange creature completely covered in hair, the only visible feature being his eyes. Valor first meets them in Cloud City, where they are locked in cells. Lelele tells Valor to free them by inputting the code only a freeman escapee knows into the machine "beneath this world." After Valor reaches A Red Vein and inputs the code (710), Valor meets Lelele again in the western Cloud City elevator.


Lelele: Hey, pssst, come here. We are prisoners. Obviously. Trying to free us is part of the fourth side-quest. Obviously. And you want to do that. Obviously. What you need to do is find the escaped prisoner, ask for his lucky number. Then type it into the machine beneath this world. Obviously.

Chuchu: Ooooobbbvvvviiiiiaaaaaaaooouuuuusssssslllyyyyy.

Lelele: (In the western elevator) Psssst, hey you. You did it! You solved the fourth side-quest and freed us. Obviously. And you want a reward for that... obviously. Find my hairy friend and talk to him. He will express our deep gratitude. Obviously.

Chuchu: (In the western elevator) Hhhheyyyaaaaaooooooyyooouuuuuuu! Please accept our appreciation for taking on your journey of mind-twisting, on behalf of my mysterious friend. Your gift shall be: … Gratitude for yourself. Gratitude for solving a mystery and growing as a person. Gratitude for not looking up all the answers online. Gggraaatiiiittttuuuuudeeeefffooouuuuaaaarrrrnooooooaaaattthhhinnnngggg!


Lelele and Chuchu are likely based off of the characters Princess Leia and Chewbacca from the multimedia franchise Star Wars.

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