Link Fluid

Link Fluid


"The transhumanists of the early 21st century dreamed of infinite potential, but technology hadn’t progressed satisfactory. Artificial limbs and sensors were clumsy and rejection-rates high among the privileged. This changed dramatically with the discovery of the link fluid: a yellow, viscous substance, mined in few underground-caves around the world. The fluid had a strong, mutagenic effect on most living matter. With the right refining, its effects turned to controlled regeneration, leading to the Cybernetic Renaissance. Those with the necessary means realized the opportunity for competition: the transhumanists improved their bodies and minds, and quickly the link fluid became the most valuable resource on the planet."

Link fluid is a viscous, yellow liquid capable of mutating matter. An incredibly valuable resource due to its scarcity and capabilities, the Infinite Empire has enlisted the services of the Labor Monks to extract link fluid for them, where it is then sent to their Cloud Cities for processing and use.


Raw link fluid is yellow, while refined link fluid is red.