Marty was one of Valor's childhood friends, and the lover of Varty, the Fallen King. Jealous of the attention Marty was recieving from his brother Varty, and because Marty expressed a desire to search for a Cradle, which is considered terrorist activity by the Infinite Empire, Valor arrested Marty and imprisoned her within the Mechanical Mine. Her physical and mental health began to decline from the mutating and toxic effects of the mine's link fluid, until Valor finally returns and kills her on his search for memories. Later, after Valor renounces his affiliation with the Infinite Empire and seeks to correct his mistakes, he returns with the Transient Heart to revive and reconcile with her. Marty is one of three sources of strong memories.


Here to take my last light? You took my love. My home. You fed me to the darkness. That wasn’t enough? Take it then.

So dark, so cold…

(After completing Marty's puzzle) Warm. Bright. No more darkness. No more fear. I have been dead for a long time. It’s you. You have to let go, now. Let go Valor.

Boss Fight Guide: Marty and Bolshie

The goal of this fight is to kill Marty while avoiding Bolshie. Try to keep track of where Bolshie is, and when chasing after Marty, be aggressive to lessen the chance she escapes through one of the tunnels. Every time you hit her, back up to avoid her scream, and also watch out for the projectiles she throws when you get close. Only Bolshie's head has a hitbox, so it's perfectly safe to run through his body.

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