Mr. Kiepchen | Resolutiion


Mr. Kiepchen is the "chaos in an ordered system," manifesting as 33 ladybugs with human faces. When Valor opens the secret door within the Forest of Self, he inadvertently releases Mr. Kiepchen, and later must find all 33 instances.


There’s a secret in Cloud City’s forest.

Green is dead and Blue is mad, haha.

I am evil.

How to open the weird door in the forest? Here is a clue: what’s the last website you would search for?

Thank you, but Red is in another Cradle.

Alibi 01 corrupted the internet and all machine readable protocols. When some old dude asks you to stay a while and listen, don’t listen. Make him stay instead. Get mad! What am I supposed to learn from a single-line game-character? Do you know who I am? I’m the lady bug who’s forcing you to press this progress-text-button! While you have to stay for a while! I’ll have you progress this text as slow as the game-developers god-damn intended! You press that button! And you listen!

You are not the chosen one, you’re merely the protagonist of this story because you are obedient, bloodthirsty and old.

Your coffee sucks.

Have you met the second Preserver?

Follow the soldiers, if you care about the BFG.

Blue banished all violence from his forest, for as long as the deers don’t eat the cyclops-rabbits.

Are you the Wanderer?

Mr. Kiepchen is the chaos in an ordered system. There is no Mr. Kiepchen.

To decipher an encoded system, you need at least two examples. Compare them and patterns might emerge.

What happens if you die in your dream? You wake up in a narrow tube filled with gooey conservation liquid that smells like a dung beetle orgy from last week, and you have to try again.

MoM is obsessed with banana shaped silicon.

An answer to one of your fucking FAQ’s: Mr. P’s full name is “Mr Penetrator.”

Machines can’t feel. Can’t dream. But humans can. Until they become too much machine.

Science is for people who don’t understand religion. Religion is for those who don’t understand anything else.

Don’t tickle the craftsman.

Between order and chaos lies harmony. Only from harmony can you transcend to a higher form of existence. A triangle.

What happens when you die outside of your dream? Well, game over. But all information about you will continue to persist as a unique entity.

2110 is now.

Did Elon Musk build the first Cradle?

My best friend is the private master-key of reality.

Skynet is for people who have no idea about artificial intelligence. Believe me, I’m a ladybug.

The longer the dreamers dream, the more they can control their dreams. But the longer they dream, the more they forget that they are dreaming.

The taste of blood could also come from biting your tongue, while dreaming in the Cradle...

Praise the yellow worm.

What happens when you die in your dream, within another dream, within another dream, within another dream, within another dream, within another dream… Inception. Spin a top.

When the Red Code was created, many cultural references of that time were added as filler.

Behind you, a five headed super AI!



Collecting all 33 Mr. Kiepchen will grant you the "Chaos" achievement.

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