Noah & Family


Noah was formerly Valor's instructor until Valor betrayed him, whereupon he traveled to the Divided Sea in search of a new faith. When Valor finds Noah on his boat, he chides Valor for his betrayal and says he found Marty's boot in the mines. Noah has a wife, Naamah, and three sons, Sem, Ham, and Jafet.


Noah: … Valor? I gave you everything. You took what wasn’t yours. God took everything else. I pray for salvation and he sends a flood. I pray to cleanse the earth and he sends you. The almighty is flipping me the bird. You’re the middle finger. Here. I found her boot in the mines.

Naamah: This is not your home. This is not your family. Noah made you what you are, and you made him what he is now. And now, he needs your help.

Sem: Dad went to the mines for more Link Fluid. Keeps his rusty augs running. Your augs are in way better shape. Fancy. He's been having problems since he got back. Maybe you can help?

Ham: You see my bros? Dad needs help dealing with the dead. And his hangover.

Jafet: Farmers aren’t hip to help us. Not big Empire fans.

Sem: I’m trying to patch up the ark. Catch some waves.

Ham: Saw dad drunk and naked the other day. He was pretty pissed. Cursed my kid.

Jafet: My bros handle things. I’m living vacation.

Noah: I can’t seem to die. You barely survive. Why does he keep us alive? I could use a drink.

Naamah: My husband trained people to survive. Who trained them to be kind? Those poor souls will never walk the line between order and chaos.


Noah and his family are all named after biblical characters.

Noah - A biblical patriarch and creator of the Ark.

Naamah - A descendant of Cain and wife of Noah.

Sem, Ham, and Jafet - Sons of Noah, known in the bible as Shem, Ham, and Japheth.

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