The Preserver is an Infinite Empire agent who maintains control of information and political narratives through a direct connection to the Library's data clusters. The Preserver is also in charge of the witnesses.


Preserver: Order, Chaos. When we set limits on the overwhelming flow of information, humanity survives. -REF: B1662 to G0098- Of course, with limits there’s resistance. Resistance is healthy. Boundaries need testing. -Left shelf, please- Shows us where to focus: Head West. Stop the resistance group from spoiling our work. They’re armed. -Hold transaction… continue-

Preserver: -Wait. Translating- So you met the resistance, it seems. Good. Your companion has settled at the core -Connection failed: reroute- Now her boundaries need testing. She needs to grow exponentially. Continue your assessment. -Connection established: 4118ii- Continue your purpose.

Old Preserver: Dreaming is an obsolete pursuit. Such precious time could be spent productively on our shared prosperity. And besides, with the simplest of technology, such information can be filtered so much more efficiently, without the excess fantasies a sleeping mind can conjure.


Originally, Preservers wore large smiling masks and revealed a robotic face when attacked.

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