Red is the first dreamer and one of the 3 gods inhabiting the Red Code. It is rumored that her father, creator of the first prototype Cradle, imprisoned her within as a test subject. While Red can be seen observing Valor from a distance at various points in the game, it is not until the epilogue that he meets her. Red acts as Valor's guide when he resolves to fix the damage he caused and make amends with those he had wronged.


I feel so weak. Is that your doing? Can’t you hear your heart beating? Ba-dum… Ba-dum…

Ba-dum… Ba-dum…

Ba-dum. Wasn’t this a fun ride, dude? Haha, I’m still shaking… probably because she’s draining me. Don’t go up there. Please.


Thank you.


Red represents red in the RGB color model, and together with Blue and Green represents the pixels on a screen, the number of which determines the resolution. This is one component of the meaning of the game's title, "Resolutiion."

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