Rolav, also known as the craftsman, is a large, bloated, and legless creature who inhabits the Workshop, a dilapidated, underground area near The Dam. Within this workshop he creates weapons, and will allow Valor to exhange some of his weapons for alternate ones after being defeated.


Ah, the smell of fear, with a hint of despair. An animal amongst animals. I am Rolav, I craft the finest emotions. Pain, anger, and the occasional sorrow. To better serve your appetite for destruction, may I request a demonstration of your best left hook?

(After defeating Rolav) Well, well, look at you. Those claws fillet razor-thin, but maybe we can add something a little extra to your strategy? Welcome to my workshop.

(After picking up the Delimiter) Cutting-edge technology meets precision. The Delimiter, for those who need to make a point. I mean, provided that point is a series of cauterized holes, precisely aligned one after another.

(After picking up the Resolver) Exquisite musical taste, Sir. This beauty's recoil-rhythm is the beat to your personal anthem of destruction.

(After picking up the Alliance) Well, well, the Alliance drones adds some fresh strategies to every playful assassin's obligations. My favorite would be a game of hide and seek with a sharp knife.

(After picking up the Haven) No offense, my friend, but aren't you in the business of pain? I am not a chooser between yours and those of others...

(After picking up the Sampler) The Sampler is the perfect tool for the sluggish aficionado. Note how gunpowder and smoke mix with flavors of blood and bones over the lingering finish.

(After picking up the Calmer) Yes, the Calmer, a classic. Load the chamber, death! Load again, more death! It really never gets old, does it?

(After attacking Rolav) Ha-ha-ha. Don't take me for a mundane power-fantasy. This is my house. No tool or technology can cut me out.


Rolav's name is "Valor" backwards.

Rolav's head, an upside-down version of Valor's helmet, acts as a forge.

Boss Fight Guide

Rolav can attack with his claws, spread bombs around the arena, and shoot lasers at you. When attacking him up close, be careful as his melee is quick, and when he shoots lasers at you, be prepared to dodge as they come with very little warning unlike lasers in the rest of the game. The bombs themselves can't hurt you, only the explosions, so don't be too concerned with them. After dealing enough damage, Rolav will retreat north to a different section of the workshop, and if you are too slow in pursuing him, he will return to the previous area and you will have to do that section of the fight again. After pushing him far enough back, Rolav will relent and grant you access to his workshop.

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