Safe & Sound Crew


The Safe & Sound Crew is a group of farmers in the Divided Sea who have barricaded themselves in their homes and refuse to do business with the Empire anymore due to their autocractic disposition. Valor, being an Infinite Empire assassin, is quickly rebuked when he tries to talk to them.


Kevin: Fish has loads of protein and vitamin B-12.

Zitto: We’re not buying anymore goods or services from your glorious empire. Swim off.

Chaim: Haven’t your people figured out how to grow food from clouds? No mana from the heavens? Pray to your machines.

Willy: First the bible-bastards, now an assassin asking for help? Enough already! Rust with the rest of the beach.

Zakes: Sure I’m a scaredy-cat. This is the end of everything. I’ll hold on to anything.

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