Divided Sea Wildlife


The Divided Sea is home to fish, crabs, barracuda, and other creatures.


Methusael: I’m contaminated! Eat an apple. It got vitamin C, B, and plenty of antioxidants. Eat the apple and you shall see. Wait. Snow White’s apple? Or Eve’s?

Awan: As a soldier, you sure know what’s good and what is evil. Fly, fly away, now.

Etana: Dying isn’t an issue here. Your frustration is. Now stop playing.

Bali: The garden is full of trees to eat from. But God has some funky fruit rules. Clap, clap.

Melankish: God will judge you. Go on.

Yarad: The fruit of knowledge makes it easier to justify your bad decisions. Can you rust?

Nostalgic Atoller: My body, ruined by the red-eyed monster, drifted down. A beautiful explosion above. Then, pure darkness. It was only later that I saw the hundreds more who had joined me on my journey to the ocean’s floor.

Expedient Crab: (Hint) Crap… this seems to be a dead end. Now I have to take the ship of the dead into the holy land. It anchors east, you know?


All of the sea creatures' names are references to Judaism and Hinduism.

Methusael - A biblical patriarch and grandfather of Noah. He supposedly lived to be 969, and his name is now considered a synonym for longevity.

Awan - The wife and sister of Cain and the daughter of Adam and Eve.

Etana - Thirteenth king of the first dynasty of Kish.

Bali - A Hindu-majority province of Indonesia.

Melankish - Unknown meaning.

Yarad - A Hebrew word, meaning "to go or be brought down, to descend."

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