Solace & Doughty


Solace and Doughty are two Infinite Empire grunts with a very carefree attitude and little intelligence. While Solace is the more outgoing and friendly of the two and Doughty is much more quiet, they both seem to be at somewhat sociopathic, showing little regard for the creatures they kill. During Valor's first three conversations with the pair, they seem to be very carefree, however Solace has a more melancholy tone during his last conversation with Valor, stating that the killing affected his relationship with Doughty, and that he is now alone after Doughty's death. Valor later finds Doughty's corpse in Cloud City's junkyard, along with the Resolver at the bottom of a tank of water. The exact cause of Doughty's death is never stated, but the likely explanation is that he was killed by Cloud City's guards.


Solace: Brother Valor, you inspecting the mines today? No fleeing monks. No fluid scavengers. No-body to shoot. My man Doughty here’s handling the rabid wildlife. Testing the new Resolver 3K with liquid-cooling, auto-rejection, crowd-control and what have you. Right Doughty?

Doughty: Right. Called her Silvia.

Note from Solace and Doughty: Hey Brother, my man Doughty here is sick of venison. Got a seafood craving. Can’t resist that handsome smile, right? See you where the air is deadlier :-)

Solace: Can you imagine getting tired of this? Big outdoors, fresh air. Pulling the trigger over and over. No paperwork. No direct report. Just you and me. And Silvia. Life is good!

Doughty: … Not for them.

Note from Solace and Doughty: Brother! We moved on. Again. Sorry. Feeling adventurous: traveling, seafaring, digging up treasure. What are you up to these days?

Solace: Headshot! Was that brain flying out of that dude’s skull? Ouch, hahaha. Looks like Strawberries and Cream. Mmm. Let’s clean out that magazine and we’ll grab a fresh ice-cream somewhere, shall we?

Doughty: Strawberry…. doozy.

Note from Solace and Doughty: Duuuuude, so intense. Tried to reach the eastern ruins. Almost got eaten by a huge dolphin. Not judging since the big guy’s a delicacy, haha. Psychedelic.

Solace: It’s like a ripe fruit, eat it while you can. I tried to get close to him, but the killing, it’s messed us all up. Everybody’s in, so better to hold tight and hope for an exit down the ride. He didn’t make it and now I’m alone. Rotten.


Solace and Doughty's sprites were originally just slightly modified versions of Valor's, but they were eventually given unique designs as they grew to be more prominent characters.

Although it has seemingly no effect and doesn't result in any extra dialogue, Doughty can be revived with the Transient Heart.

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