The story of Resolutiion, told through NPCs, memories, stories, and the environment, is centered around the conflict between the Infinite Empire, a hyper-technologically advanced world government with near complete control over the world's information, and The Tribes, militia groups who have dedicated their lives to protecting the Cradles. The Cradles are large, spherical machines built to keep one person alive indefinitely, and to connect that person to a dreamscape called The Red Code. As The Red Code is only accessible through dreaming, the Infinite Empire's soldiers and executives who no longer sleep due to how heavily augmented they are cannot access the Red Code, leaving the dreamers inside free to explore ideas critical of the Empire. However, there are select members of the Empire who can still dream, including a soldier named Valor. In Resolutiion, you play as Valor and are tasked with infliltrating the Red Code.

Stories From The Red Code, written by the developers, provides a recap of Resolutiion's story and universe.

The Last Website, a multimedia project co-created by one of Monolith of Minds' founders, serves as one of the inspirations for Resolutiion's story.