The Cradles

The Cradles


"The mystery of the Cradles divide humanity: giving hope to some, terror to others. Cloaked in religious conspiracy, the Cradles spark rebellion against the empire, who deny their existence. Built before the War of the Five, the megalithic machines promise immortality for a single human. It is said that the architect of the prototype imprisoned his own daughter within as a test subject, trapping her in eternal life. Such an immortal martyr has bred an infectious faith within outcasts and the weak, but none share the zealotry of the Tribes: superstitious militia cults who worship the cradles and guard them with their lives. It seems, that this is just another story to console the hopeless. But deep under the surface, the Cradles could as well evoke the singularity, that makes our society not as infinite as we want it to be."

The Cradles are large machines, built to permanently keep a single person alive within, that serve as access points to the Red Code. Each Cradle is a large sphere with several tubes protruding from it, the tubes likely being part of the self-sufficient life support system, and each has a different color. All of the cradles are protected by the tribes, although only Green's Cradle has a significant military presence around it, while the others are simply hidden underground, in the sea, or other mostly inaccessible places.


Four Cradles can be seen ingame: one in the Desert of Giants, one in the Clearing Below, one in the Sunken City, and one in the Tunnels. The Desert of Giants Cradle is the only one that can be accessed.

In the Polychromatic artbook, the dreamer within the 4th Cradle is referred to as the "Kvmot Bjy." This phrase is encrypted with a ceasar cipher with a left shift of 5, just as Mr. Kiepchen's dialogue is, and when decoded becomes "Party God."