The Infinite Empire

The Infinite Empire


"With the installment of the first global government, the idea of any foreign threat evaporated. The military became obsolete as such and merged with the local police-forces. After 45 years of destruction every hand was required to sort through the debris and order society again. Having survived, former soldiers gladly took every opportunity to employ their coordinated strength, endurance and obedience into restoring civilization. Those were called the People’s Power. But power corrupts from the head downwards and as the growing hierarchies tightened, a multitude of regulations and laws were mandated by the Empire’s new citizens, all enforced by the dispossessed soldiers, whose sense of justice was dictated by the merciless terms of warfare. Devoid of external threat, their vindictive natures turned inward upon the populace they were supposed to protect: everybody became the enemy."

The Infinite Empire is a world government established in the aftermath of the War of the Five. Ruling from within their Cloud Cities, the Empire seeks to gain total control over information and end the cycle of civilization growth and destruction that has pervaded humanity's evolution. Despite their widereaching influence on the world, they have faced resistance from the Cradle-worshipping Tribes exploiting their inability to sleep due to their technological augmentations.



The Infinite Empire is likely inspired by the First Galactic Empire from Star Wars.