The Red Code

The Red Code


"If the gigantic Cradles are the icons the Tribes pray to, the Red Code is their religion. This protocol connects the Cradles, forming a metaphysical plain where an entire world of memory, history and culture is generated by Dreamers sleeping in its cells. Set loose in a limitless space, these entities are free to explore infinite possibilities. One must admit that such unfettered exploration will inevitably lead to dangerous ideas. Ideas that are incompatible with the essential narrative of the Infinite Empire. Fearing any alteration of public perception, the Empire classified the Red Code as “terrorist activity.” Given the various failed attempts to undermine or manipulate the Code, it is presumed that the Red Code is private-key encrypted with the DNA of a living being: probably the first Dreamer."

The Red Code is the dream world in which Resolutiion takes place. It was most likely initally created by Red, with Blue, Green, and an unidentified fourth individual becoming dreamers sometime after. In what way the dreamers inhabit the Red Code is unclear, as even after Green was removed from his Cradle and killed, and after Blue was deleted from the Red Code by Alibii, both characters still make appearances later on, suggesting that killing a dreamer is not sufficient to remove them from the Red Code entirely.


A line from Mr. Kiepchen states "When the Red Code was created, many cultural references of that time were added as filler." As Resolutiion takes place in 2110 and contains references to 1965's Dune, 1978's Space Invaders, 1980's Pac-Man, 1995's Waterworld, 2003's Carnivale, and 2016's Hyper Light Drifter, among others, the creation of the Red Code presumably happened somewhere between 94 and 145 years prior to the events of Resolutiion.