The Tribes

The Tribes


"Access to advanced augmentation and link fluid was reserved for The Empire’s elite, further widening the gulf between those machine-humans and lesser fortunate mortals. This increasing disparity advanced so quickly, and so naturally, that a counterweight soon emerged in the global society. The Tribes: clusters of state, and technology defying pariahs. In search of alternative means of being, these groups adopted various philosophies and lifestyles excavated from the fragments of history that endured. Spiritual practices, cults, and old Gods were mixed in a melting pot of existential anarchy. As more and more abandoned the struggle to reach technological Elysium, everyone could find welcome in one tribal manifestation or another. Without exception, the Tribes regarded laissez-faire principles, and harmony with nature, as the answer to humanity’s crisis. In a final attempt to break free from the Infinite Empire’s agenda of the greater good, many Tribes turned to the worship of the Red Code. In doing so, they became the disciples and protectors of the Gods in the Cradles."

The Tribes are militia groups that were formed in response to increasing inequality between the Infinite Empire and the rest of humanity. Identified by their red robes with green markings, the soldiers defend their leader's Cradles and, consequently, the Red Code, from Infinite Empire infiltration. Since his robes have the same color pattern, Green is likely the general officer of the Tribes' militia, although Red and Blue are considered leaders of the Tribes as well.