Twitch Integration

Anyone streaming Resolutiion on Twitch can use the game's Twitch integration features by typing their channel name (lowercase letters) into the text box under Settings - Advanced - Twitch. Following this, a chatbot named 4l1b11 should join the channel. If this doesn't happen:

-Check to make sure the chat is not in follower only mode, as the bot cannot auto-follow.

-Make sure you have progressed far enough into the game to have access to Alibii.

-If the issue is still not resolved, restart the game.

Once the bot has joined, it will interact with the stream in any of the following ways:

-Miscellaneous comments, some of which will reference users recently active in chat

Scanning… and I’m in. Hey there, beautiful.

Ok, let’s make this interesting.

[User]! Let us synchronize with the data stream!

[User], you have found me. Wonderful.

Hey, [User]. I missed you.

Here we go again! Please, try to stay connected, ok?

I'd compliment you on another [#] signals gone, but those are too insignificant. Try harder.

-Prompting users for !yes or !no input, and applying effects ingame if !yes votes exceed !no votes

Almost too easy - we need a BIGGER CHALLENGE, right? - Makes enemies larger
Type !yes or !no

We need to move faster -overwriting stamina- go faster? - Gives the player infinite stamina
Type !yes or !no

I get a lot of interference. Let me change the signal?
Type !yes or !no

We need stronger emotions. Should we increase the stress? - Adds a bloody filter to the game
Type !yes or !no

I need some data on chaotic principles. Want to help me out?
Type !yes or !no

This must not end here. We need you to dream on. CONTINUE?
Type !yes or !no

This is getting out of hand. Please, can we reset the variables? - Resets current effects
Type !yes or !no

Data acquired, closing now. Calculating: [#] yes and [#] no.

-Applying effects ingame based on user commands

!prime - Displays message “Did you know? You can connect your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account and get a free prime sub you can gift to a streamer of your choice!”

!goose - Spawns geese

!bulletstorm - Increases projectile size for the player and enemies

!heal - Fully restores the player's health

!flip - Flips the player's camera roughly 30 degrees (dev accounts only)

!big - Increases the player's size (dev accounts only)

!reset - Resets effects (dev accounts only)