Valor is the main character of Resolutiion and a member of the Infinite Empire's police force, the People's Power. As Valor was one of a handful of remaining People's Power soldiers who was not so technologically advanced that he couldn't sleep, he was enlisted by the Infinite Empire to infiltrate the Red Code, a world only accessible through a dreaming person. Paired with an AI named Alibii, Valor was initially successful in defeating the leaders of the western tribes and helping Alibii access the Red Code, however new memories reminded him of past regrets and the cruelty of the Infinite Empire, leading to him fighting and defeating Alibii and ripping her from his nervous system, killing them both and saving the Red Code.


Elevator Party Valor: Well aren’t we two perfect peas in a pod.


Valor has over 330 frames of animation, the most of any character in the game.

The name Valor was derived from Darth Vader.

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