Varty, The Fallen King

Varty, The Fallen King


Varty is Valor's brother and Marty's lover. While Valor pursued a position in the People's Power, Varty had no such interest and was shunned by his family, living in the shadow of his brother. When Valor took Marty away and imprisoned her in the mines, Varty became a heavy drug addict and swore revenge on his brother. Varty is one of three sources of strong memories. Valor meets Varty again in the Stadium and follows him until reaching the throne room, where Varty is absorbed into the walls of flesh and a fight ensues. Although Valor kills his brother this time, he later returns with the Transient Heart to reconcile with him.


Thy… thy sword is sharp. Taketh and free your king from this abomination. Haste, now!

Th… thank you, bro- brave knight. Most of my servants have been corrupted and will stand in our way. But with your might and the holy paper, we can reclaim this kingdom. Onward, to the throne!

I observed your mighty swing, o violent knight. Your black sword outs flesh from steel. Such a talent was never mine. I spent my youth weak, searching for a gift to give the world. Walk with me.

The throne-room is to be found at the northern tip of my precious court. We shall find the root of all evil there, and strive to banish it. Swift now, follow me.

The sculptures of the Corruption are certainly impressive, wouldst thou not agree? They grow without noble guidance, just by the grand hand of nature. Yet, they are as daunting and fierce as any wild animal. Let us trace their branches to the root.

Before the kingdom, before its corruption, I was powerless. My parents denied me the magenta magic. They already had a favorite son. So I learned and adapted and became king of my own realm. We need to close the circle. Onward.

Is this finally my time to lead and rule? Maybe this one time, flesh rules over steel. My flesh over your steel? Ha… hahaha. Wizard, Smith, Beggar, Brother. King!

… and by his mighty sword the Black Knight took the crown from the King’s head. For the lands shall be ruled in eternal darkness.

(After completing Varty's puzzle) Well, fencing was never my strongest suit brother. You returned late, but fought for us anyway. The gates to my Kingdom shall forever open to you, so we can meet in times of need.

(After being sprayed with link fluid) How dare you… that yellow poison… this boot… It is the slipper of my beloved queen! Marty... my dear Marty… Do you remember Marty? Do you remember us chasing that ball in our secret spot? You two fought hard for each goal. But today I know it was me you were fighting for. My heart. My love. You left for training, but we stayed. I told her that I never wanted to grow up. She asked me how else then should I become King of our Realm? I told her “With a queen like you, I’ll manage anything.” She smiled and kissed me and started to laugh. Her blonde dreadlocks twirling around her face. And I could see the future… My crown is of paper, and my body poisoned. Never did I escape the past.

Varty’s Sentient Ball: I think my brother is jealous. For once, I have something that he might never get: I have you.

King’s Portrait: Craving for the giant’s attention, the ordinary citizen tramples on the shoulders of his brother. The nobles laugh and feast in their distant safety. How good our technological transcendence tastes.

Boss Fight Guide: The Mutant King

The goal of this fight is to destroy every eye on the walls, and then destroy a heart that comes out of the wall while dodging all the projectiles. This needs to be done 3 times to defeat the boss. Stay close to the edge of the arena, but don't hug the wall so you have time to react and run away from the flesh spikes. Pay attention to the eye in the middle so its laser doesn't catch you off guard, and also keep an eye on the upper middle part of the arena where the flesh pods spawn, as they deal a lot of damage if they hit you.

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