The Wanderer

The Wanderer


The Wanderer is a strange man with strange speech patterns who has some sort of relationship with Mr. Kiepchen. Valor first meets him in the hideout in the Desert of Giants, where he gives a hint on where to go next. Valor meets him again in A Red Vein, where he talks about space-time paradoxes.


Ha! I… you knew it. Recursion THAT, Mr. Kiepchen! Me… you coming here proves that space-time paradoxes do work in the Red Code. My… your friend just went out to prove his point. You… I met him on the way out, right? Better tell all his instances that I… you were right.

(Hint) Mr. K said you… I have a date with destiny. Destiny lives in the mines, where you have to blow open the entrance with Stardust bombs. Also: Destiny is a yellow son of a witch.

(Hint) Finally! I have been waiting here for minus-ever! You... I should definitely head south now, but maybe north-east or anywhere else. Anywhere is fine by me... you, since the future has already happened. See us maybe never.

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