The witnesses are assistants of the Preserver, sorting and controlling information within the library.


Witness Chat: 1 prosperity, 1 economy, 1 humanity, brother. -111- Welcome to the Library.

Witness Farok: -checking for updates…- Western resistance groups tried to breach our archives. History sections. -checking for updates…- Oh, just checked my feed. You’re on it! -checking for updates…-

Witness Dhuri: Witness Benson went outside to collect samples. -look concerned- He’s late for scrabble. -sound worried- You think he got lost? -look off in the distance- Or eaten by that sand monster?

Witness Faroula: Thirty years after the war and we’re still manually sorting information. -open new tab- Know any good #tagging apps? -open new tab- -open new tab-

Witness Geoff: -Syncing- Hello. -Social anxiety detected- I’m just a witness. -Serotonin injection- The preserver is downstairs. He’s in charge. -maintain eye contact-

Witness Jamis: -index Universal Thesaurus 99162-uth: tribe, terrorist, resistors- Preserver sets healthy limits to help humanity manage information overload. -index Universal Thesaurus 99163-uth: protect, proactive, peacekeeping, war- Preserver says the right word at the right time can make all the difference.

Witness Lichna: -busy backlogging prewar trends- -query FRIENDLY DISMISSAL- Sorry, I’m away from my desk right now. I can’t answer my phone. Leave your name, number, and a short -beep- after the message. -BEEP-

Witness Kaleff: I admire your augs, brother. They have that … -query TYPICAL PREWAR COMPLIMENT- … classic element to it. Suits you. Suitable.

Witness Pardot: The archive is a fucking mess. Look-look behind some corners, you might stumble over-over some over-over interesting little stories.

Witness Pardot: Did you-you look at that shelve already? Or that? Or that one? I can see 5 or 6, no, 7 to 8, well, less than 10 stories worth your time.

Witness Pardot: Already so-so many things you have learned. But there’s always more. 2, 3, maybe 4 more stories would fit in here.

Witness Pardot: I always try to save the best bite for last. But I always eat it first. Why?

Witness Harah: My worn IO-board recognizes the path of this pattern, pattern, pattern. Faceless keys, pads and dials dip, bend, bend, bend, and arc under the press, stroke and stab, stab, stab of their fondest friends: My fingers.

Witness Shoab: West tribes are -forced update- West terrorists are -forced update- The resistance group in the west needs to calm the fuck -forced update- Calm the fuck down! Calm the fuck down! Calmer! Calmer!

Witness Orlop: Processing. -dosing- Processing faster. -dosing- Hit my dosage limit. Limiter says if I don’t slow down I’ll melt some important cables. Calm down. -mushroom clouds- Whoa, whoooa, whooooa… callllm dowwwn… processing muuuuccchh sloooowweeerrr. Haha.

Witness Tharthar: Category. -filed- Cradle. -not filed- Collection. -filed- Correction. -filed-

Witness Shishakli: -1 up, 2 down, 3 jump to 1- These resistance groups just don’t share our values. Clear corporate values can cut through the toughest resistance.

Witness Tecrube: Empire fighting tribesmen-forced update… update failed- and we’re in the middle. I’m just an overworked bureaucrat! How’s that my fault?

Witness Otheym: Optimizing history is challenging. We need to create sophisticated algorithms to search and connect past events, then format them according to the requirements. To keep it manageable, everything beyond the Line will just be blacked out.

Witness Muriz: (Hint) D-d-don't you need a clear objective, f-f-friend? Better ch-check with the Preserver about your mission-detail or you m-m-might get lost.

Ethan, The Pianist: Mmm, mmm, mmmmmm… cbcdbcee.


Witness Pardot's dialogue changes based on how many stories you've collected.

Originally, witnesses wore large smiling masks and revealed a robotic face when attacked.

Ethen, the Pianist is a reference to the character Ethen from The Last Website, and "cbcdbcee" refers to the opening 8 piano notes played on "Alibi," the 2nd page of the site.

The names of the witnesses are taken from the Fremen, a group of people in the Dune universe.

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