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Monolith of Minds set out to craft video games, tell tall tales of stray heroes and kind monsters. Welcome to the gateway.

Lilas Sky Ark

Lila’s Sky Ark

The sky island is under attack. Lila and her friends Mr. Kiepchen and Doctor-Father-Sir fight back with copper, bone and powerful alchemy against a fleet of deafening airships.

Resolutiion’s prequel story turned out to be a psychedelic action-adventure, without a sword but plenty of music an magic. Groovy!

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Stories from the Red Code

Stories from the Red Code

By 2080, the severe damage brought the survivors together. They did what we all do in times of desperation: sought a savior. A messiah. Someone to usher us into the land of promise; the land of milk, honey, psilocybin and unicorns.

This short story is the backbone of our universe; a rough outline of history and terminology.




An old killer escorts a curious AI into a fractured future of chaotic combat, puzzling secrets, and unsettling calm.

Five years in development, our debut game tells the story of Valor and Alibii’s journey through a 2D dreamworld of lovely pixels, dirty jokes and badassemotional tunes, inspired by classic Zelda and similar action-adventure-games.

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News from the Monolith

Views from the Monolith 026: Of Dinosaur Forests and German Awards

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Views from the Monolith 024: The Craftsman Update

DMD Interview, where we talk about GIMP, our workflow and about using open source software in video games.

The full, English version of the Behind Gaming Interview, were we work through our post-game-release-disorders.

Views from the Monolith 023: The Red Plains Update

An Artist Dialog, where Chris and Günther debate the philosophys behind Resolutiion’s aesthetic and how they learned to put one pixel next to another.

Views from the Monolith 022: Aftershowparty

Views from the Monolith 021: Resolutiion is out!

The Legend of Mr. P, or how a Mini-Boss turned Adult Toy.

Views from the Monolith 020: We are ready; are you?

Indiegraze Interview, where we were asked some quite sophisticated questions about our cultural influences, pool of weird creatures and technological growth.

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Views from the Monolith 018: The Ship

Views from the Monolith 017: Kaleidoscopic Monochromaticity

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Views from the Monolith 015: The Shape of Things to come