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Lila sitting on the island

The Rainbow Ark is under attack!

Lila’s psychedelic world is in grave danger. Help her and her eccentric friends stop the Conductor’s minions from destroying all things musical and magical in this meditative action-adventure game.

Lila’s Sky Ark

A Groovy Dreamscape

Explore a dark yet groovy world as you unravel the poetic mystery that is Lila’s story. Discover secrets, solve puzzles, and battle bizarre beasts and punishing bosses as you attempt to unite the Spirits and save the mysterious Sky Island from ruin.

Lila’s Sky Ark

Alchemy & Battle Music

Along the way, hunt down alchemy recipes to unlock new weapons. Battle enemies with rocks, Titan Eyes, cluster bombs, and anything else you can throw at them as you wander this music-inspired pixel dreamscape during Lila’s strange and beautiful journey.

Lila’s Sky Ark’s Sequel Resolutiion

Birth of a Universe

Lila’s Sky Ark tells the prequel story to Resolutiion, Monolith of Minds’ first game. For all who followed Valor and Alibii’s journey through the Red Code: this time you will learn about the first Cradle, the first Dreamer, and the birth of a new universe.

Lila’s Sky Ark’s Soundtrack by Gerrit Wolf

Magical, Musical

Again, Gerrit Wolf has refined Lila’s Sky Ark with an outstanding soundtrack: an acoustic adventure, that takes the listener from the cozy farm deep into the magical forest and high up the mountain, with pumping bossfights in the sky and below, deep in the island’s core.

Lila’s Sky Ark’s booklet

Strategy Guide

Lila’s Sky Ark comes with it’s own, free 120+ pages long booklet, in the fashion of old Nintendo guides. It is filled with plenty of art, characters, items, secrets, and maps to explore, after the credits have rolled. Strategy Guide Download

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