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The Rainbow Ark is under attack!

Lila and her friends, Mr. Kiepchen and Doctor-Father-Sir, wake up to find themselves facing a grim foe: The Conductor and his generals who have invaded the sky island to take all that is magical and musical.

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You must unite the spirits of the forest, the mountain, the sky, and the core, to fight back! Defend your home with copper, bone, and alchemy against this fleet of deafening airships.

Explore the interconnected world of this Zeldaesque action-adventure, filled with trippy pixels, quirky inhabitants, and secrets within secrets within secrets.

Lila’s Sky Ark tells the prequel story to Resolutiion, where cyber-thriller meets Alice in Wonderland: the first Cradle, the original Dreamer, and the birth of the Red Code Universe.

Lila sitting on top of the Rainobw Ark


The game is under heavy development, but we want to make the process as transparent and fun for everybody to follow along. Come join our Discord server:

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NOV 2020

Vision Sheet

DEC 2020

Story Writing

JAN 2021

Intro: Farm

FEB 2021

Core Mechanics

MAR 2021

Website, Steam
Core Mechanics Polish

APR 2021

1st Story Arc: Forest

MAY 2021

1st Bossfight

JUN 2021

Closed Beta (maybe)
2nd Story Arc: Mountain
2nd Bossfight

JUL 2021


AUG 2021

Early Access (maybe)
3rd Story Arc: Islands

SEP 2021

3rd Bossfight

OCT 2021

4th Story Arc: Core

NOV 2021

4th Bossfight

DEC 2021


JAN 2022


FEB 2022



We count on all of you to share your thoughts and feelings and make this journey as enjoyable as the final game itself.

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